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Iowa Ceramics Center and Glass Studio's mission is to promote understanding, appreciation and professional development in the ceramic and glass arts.  The Center's founding organization, Iowa Art Works, Inc., is dedicated to providing a place where creativity and community meet. Iowa Ceramics Center and Glass Studio is organized and operated by Iowa Artworks, Inc., a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization supported by earned income, grants, private contributions and memberships. 

Core Programs

Iowa Ceramics Center and Glass Studio offers facilities and a wide variety of programs in both Clay and Warm Glass – for all ages and ability levels. While the Center is open to all, its primary focus is to serve three major constituencies:

Artists – The Center maintains a vibrant Artist Residency Program, as well as studio space, equipment and master classes for serious amateur and professional artists.

Youth – Supplemental art experiences for K-12 students, including classes, camps and outreach programs in the Cedar Rapids Schools 

Adults – Classes, workshops and seminars for interested adults