Gail Kendall and Jeff Oestrich

John Krizan: 'Findings'

New Resident Artist Show: Joyce St. Clair Voltz, Lars Voltz and Alea Walter

Glass Class Gallery Show: 'Zufallig Glas'

Kathryn Baczeski

Joe Torke

Tabatha Jones 

Linda Ge

Carolyn Watkins

Teresa Childers


Amythest Warrington -- Figure Adornment

Aaron Moseley -- Soda and Spirits

Primary: Ceramics In Color-- a National Invitational Exhibition

Featuring works by Juston RomingerJoyce St. Clair VoltzStephanie Galli and Kaitlyn Getz

Greg Van Dusseldorp

Resident Artist Show


Ursula Hargens 


Mobile Clay Masterpieces: 3rd Grade Gallery Exhibition


Michael Schael and Reid Schoonover

JoAnn Schnabel

College Art Show

Benji Upchurch

Matthew Krousey

Billy Cho

Alisa "Al" Holen: Graceful Tension

Delores Fortuna: New Work

Bill Mateer: Just Pots

Rick Hintze: New Work

Mat Rude: New Work

Mark McWhorter: Pottery and Paintings

Eric Gorder: Recent  Works

SPARKS: Influential Artists Invited by the 2012 Residents of the Ceramics Center