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Bizen Pottery Workshop

$150/per person or $75/per person for current TCC students.


· Work time @ TCC (June 2-5)

· Wood-Firing @ TCC – up to 5 days (June 6 – 11) Fire as much as you wish.

· Wood-Firing @ West Branch Kiln – up to 7 days (June 15 – 22) – optional but all are welcome

· Work from both kilns to be part of show in TCC Gallery (July 2 – 18)

· Clay available for purchase specifically for this firing


Bizen Pottery is identified by its “iron-like hardness, reddish brown color, [and] absence of glaze” (Wikipedia, 2014). Named after its place of origin, the former province of Bizen, Japan, Bizen Pottery is Japan’s oldest pottery making technique. The Ceramics Center is hosting 3 potters from Bizen, Japan who will demonstrate this famous method during a special 2-week workshop and features a wood-firing at the Ceramics Center and in West Branch.  All works will be displayed in the TCC Gallery at the conclusion. The workshop is limited to 8 people.